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Bioluxal provides the best solutions in cutting-edge scent systems, aroma marketing, signature scents, odor elimination and natural fragrance formulas for scenting and odor elimination.  Through years of development and research, we have formulated and designed all-natural green products, essential oils formulas and advanced scent machine that go beyond simply scenting your commercial space. Learn more>>>

                                                      Among our clients in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Finland, UK and the USA:  

NH Hotels aroma marketing
west cord hotels Aroma Marketing
Sheraton hotels room spray
Inntel Hotels
Best Western Room Spray

Where can you use 

Bioluxal Natural Scent Products

Hotels,Retail Stores, Fitness Centers,  Restaurants,  Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Auto Shops & Service Stations,  Banks, Offices, Transportation   Learn more>>>                                                      

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Bioluxal's Scent Service

Professional and Commercial Scent Systems & Odor Eliminators

We offer a variety of scenting solutions - with specially formulated natural scents - to suit your commercial and professional needs:

Odor Elimination, Aroma Marketing, Sensory Scent Experiences, Scent Branding (Signature Scents)

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Why Choose Bioluxal

With Bioluxal, you get the best in professional scent and odor elimination:

- Fully compliant with IFRA regulations 

- You will never have to commit to a contract

- Affordable scent systems and products are ideal for any budget

- No Investment required

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       Bioluxal’s products

Manual Hand Sprays:

Natural Fabric Fresheners and Air Fresheners - The Industry’s Most Effective Odor Eliminators.

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Professional and Commercial Scent Systems / Scent Machine.

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We are fully compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations, we work according to the good manufacture practices described in the IFRA Code of Practice. 

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