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Our business goes beyond aroma and scents; it is about creating an experience for your customers by controlling the scent they experience.  You can do that with our patented automatic scent systems the Magic Vaporizer or with our hand spray fabric refresher. 

When you create memorable, positive experiences attached to smell it becomes easier for your customers to remember your business and your brand.  If paired correctly, you can create a subconscious longing for the ambiance of your business. 

To create the ideal experience for your business, we offer a variety of scenting solutions - with specially formulated natural scents - to suit your commercial and professional needs.

                                       Odor Elimination / Aroma Marketing /   Sensory Scent Experiences /                                                Scent Branding (Signature Scents)

 In addition to our scenting services, we offer a natural solution that will drive away mosquitoes – not your customers.  Learn more >>> 

Odor Elimination Service 

Every business and commercial environment has the potential to become the victim of foul odors. Those odors can come from a variety of sources and unfortunately most of the commercial .... 

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Sensory Scent Service 

One of the most effective ways to market your products is through a sensory scent experience.  The right scent can stimulate your customers to make a purchase decision. 

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 Aroma Marketing – Service

Create the Ideal Shopping Experience through Aroma. Businesses continue to compete for a dominant share of their market and consumer attention, so it’s important for your business to stand out. 

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Signature Scents Service 

Branding Your Business with Unique aromas. As you search for ways to stand apart from your competition, think about how you can make a lasting impression on your customers.

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Where can you use Bioluxal Natural Scent Systems & Products?

Fitness Centers , Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Garment Shops, Auto Shops & Service Stations 

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SOS Mosquitoes

In addition to our scenting services we offer a natural mosquitoes replant service. Learn more>>>

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 Bioluxal is a provider of professional, commercial scent systems and odor elimination products and services.  We are an international “green” company specializing in the development, manufacturing  and marketing of  all-natural solutions for commercial scenting and odor elimination.

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